Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Very First Review

TITLE: Your Money God's Way: Overcoming The 7 Money Myths That Keep Christians Broke
AUTHOR: Amie Streater

The aim of the book, Your Money God's Way is to geared toward Christians and speaks through the lenses of the Author, Mrs. Streater. Streater lays the foundation of the book based on 7 major mistakes she believes Christians tend to make when approaching their finances. In short the mistakes are as follows:

1.)Unrealistic beliefs about the pow money has to improve our lives

2.) Bad habits of trying to bail out reckless people who are dear to us

3.) Wrong Theology

4.) Getting taken advantage of

5.) Not giving, or giving for the wrong reasons

6.) Denial about current circumstances

7.) Blaming God for our bad financial choices

I must say from the offset I approached the book with a bit of skepticism. Why? Well, I think it is quite bold to offer a book outlining the heart issues of why people are doing what they are doing with their money without knowing them individually, and at the same time not offering very much practical counsel about how to end the debt. There are a few pages devoted to some practical steps, but all in all it seems to be a book by an author that has a lot of hyperbole, and not enough step by step help. It also strikes me that this book is very American. Meaning it cannot and will not apply to anybody who does not live in such an affluent culture, or even some in this current culture who are not the dominant race. All that to be said is that coming from someone who grew up with a parent who always worked hard, never squandered money, but still yet never able to buy a house or a nice car. It pains be to know that others might be picking up this book and thinking they are doing something wrong because they won't be able to afford a house someday, or that they choose to live a very frugal lifestyle for the sake of staying at home with the kids, or having a large family. All that to say. This book is for the rich. Although there is a disclaimer about whether you make 25, 000 or 250,000 this book will work for you... I disagree. Maybe this book really does apply to many of you out there, but for my family growing up and all those in our circle, it reads like french. However, for you who are making six figures, have your nice cars, live in your gated communities, and so forth this book is for you. You probably should cut back, and give a lot of it away for the advancement for the kingdom of God.

To comply with new regulations introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, I must post that Thomas Nelson has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book to review. I also must say that the opinions are all mine.

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