Thursday, September 2, 2010

What you must know....

What you must know before you read this blog and fashion your very ideals and beliefs around my every written word is this: 

Contrary to the name of this blog I am not if fact, in love with books. I am in the romancing stage where the relationship is a bit volatile. This is the stage where one goes into the wide open library, chooses a book by its cover, takes it home and inhales if it is great! However it if sucks, One may go on a 2 month hiatus banning ones eyes from all sensible reading besides what one already knows is good or will self-help in some way. Therefore, this "love" that I have for books is a bit of a rocky romance, but with time, forgiveness, and communication, things will all work out, and one day there will be a marriage, and then a baby (perhaps a book written by yours truly?) But until then come along for the ride and enjoy my reviews and commentary.

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