Friday, February 11, 2011

A Review of Love & Respect

The greatest team that ever was created, existed, and victorious can't be found playing on ESPN. It can be in your very own house. This team can be your marriage. Unfortunately, so many people, including Christians will never know this joy. In the Book "Love & Respect" by Dr. Eggerichs, we are introudced to the playbook of married life. This book will not save your marriage, but does give you access to the many tools God has given to us, in order to bless each other in marriage. Know that you must come to this book with an open heart to receive all that is said here. And also know that not every page will fit your exact feeling or perceptions, and that is ok. We are not generic and cannot all be pegged into one book. But this book offers valuable insight into the way God wants our marriage to honor Him. And truly that is was marriage is about. Showing this dead world, the beautiful picture He has in store for them, if they would believe and repent. Go get this book, and enjoy the rewards of implementing this new knowledge.

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