Friday, January 18, 2013

A Review of Kingdom Man by Dr. Tony Evans

"Kingdom Man" is an essential tool that every man needs in his tool box. This book will help guide any man on the road to fulfilling his calling and purpose for life. The three parts of this book (formation, foundation, and function of a kingdom man) are biblically rooted and accurately applied to life. In a day and age when so many men are roaming around life aimlessly, this book helps plant their feet on a firm foundation. In "Kingdom Man," every man will undoubtedly discover what God requires of him, why God requires it, and how aligning himself with God is a win-win situation for all of humanity.

Dr. Evans unapologetically states that men not being kingdom men is the source of the problems plaguing our families, churches, communities, nation, and world at large. The nice thing about this book is Dr. Evans doesn't just say we have a problem, but explains the solutions to the problem and gives advice on go about resolving the problem. This book has been written very well, to the point where it can be read by men on many different levels. One of the major draw backs to this book is the plethora of sports illustrations, especially football. I know Dr. Evans loves football, but not all men do. The illustrations are good and purposeful since they get the points across. But overuse of them will initially confuse the reader into thinking maybe this book is not for them and just for men who either play football or love it. This point seems to be further emphasized by the book endorsements found on the book jacket and inside the book. But if one can hold on for the ride and overlook this flaw, they will be in for a great read. And the good news is part three of the book is the best part of the book and is mostly absent of any sports illustrations.

I highly recommend this book for personal growth, discipleship, men's ministry, small groups, and even as a guide for preaching on passages of Scripture dealing with manhood or the role of husbands. I personally think this book is a resource every pastor should share with men aspiring to pastor, fathers to share with their sons, and older men to share with younger men. Dr. Evans offers some great biblical insights and principles in "Kingdom Man," that if followed and pursued can only bring about great things for the family, church, community, nation, world, and the kingdom of God.

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